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Moving over

Now updating blog over at artaxerxes-blog.livejournal.com/ instead of this one, just not got the time to update things soley on a WFRP basis so going to try and upload more general topics/subjects there

Its been a while...

So its been some time since I last updated this site, to long...

The good news is I have finalised most of the Necrons stats and uploaded to Dark Reign, this was actually done a while back but didnt have time to update the blog

Stats can be found on Dark Reign or Rapidshare



Unfortunately led to the Necrons are not fully detailed up, I've missed out Lords and vehicles along with a section I was planning to add on cults who worship the Necrons

Sadly I have become somewhat disenchanted with Dark Heresy of late, a lot of the focus seems to be on weapon stats and uberising PC's or NPC's instead of actually coming up with a plot line... I dont game like that, systems, dice offs and xp mean little to me, what I want to do is create a story for my players, one that I can see them enjoying and actively contributing to the storyline instead of pasively reacting and then buying BBG (Bigger, Better, Guns) to deal with all threats.

This is something I think I did well in my last WFB campaign, for the entire last session the players didnt reach combat once or even draw a sword. Instead they one by one back stabbed various Tilean politicians by doing odd jobs for each of the contenders trying to fill the power vacuum after a Skaven led bunch of assasinations, caused a minor riot and accidently gave a usurping nobleman the city of Ebino on a plate. Great stuff.

Work on the Tilea project is continuing, albeit slowly, we are currently in the process of organising three of the cities of the nation, Remas, Luccini and Verezzo. I'm aiming to add small gazetters to each section to represent the areas these cities directly control, from the minor villages around them to the isolated forts on the mountains or even Lustria!

We are in need of mappers and artists though, some help with short stories is also appreciated if anyone is able to send us anything

Hopefully I will be using this blog a bit more frequently over the next few months, sadly time to actually *write* is a luxury these days thanks to work and girlfriend taking up most of my time

Status Update

Time for an update on the various projects I'm up to...

Necrons - Nearly done, I've hit a block with whether or not to include destroyers, at the moment I'm leaning towards leaving them out but keeping the armaments in and adding some other more interesting bits we seldom hear of from GW. I'd say this is around 80% done and dusted.

After some playtesting I was extremely impressed by how my players dealt with a standard Necron warrior.

A group consisting of 5 players, 2 guardsman, Assasin, Arbitrator and Psyker at around 1000xp each and armed with pretty much basic equipment became trapped in some tunnels. Whilst patrolling they stepped into range of a Warrior. In the dark corridor both sides had real problems hitting the others, though the ambush did manage to do a lot of initial damage to the Warrior. My players are canny buggers though and kept behind a fair amount of cover. First firing a Phosphor shell at the thing and spreading a wide swathe of flame across the corridor they get there first glimpse, cries of horror ring out through the tunnel as they see this horrific tech-heresy and one PC faints and the other goes even more insane.

Several ineffective turns of shooting later, the Necron walking closer and closer to the group the grenades come out, they knock the thing around and do some damage to it, grins turning to frowns as it starts to regenerate. By now the warrior is at there feet and assasin and arbitrator whip out shotguns, delay and readying ready to unleash as the Necron charges. They hit it and do very little damage to it... combat ensues and this thing just isnt going down so a single bright spark pipes up... "I Grapple it" so we end up with a Necron with 3 PC's clinging to it to bring it down while another takes out his Long-Las and aims point blank at its head, unleashing several bursts at short range and double damage (improvised houserule...)

The thing collapses, inert and bloodied before phasing out to wherever it came from... Great stuff

Tilea Project - For those who arent aware I'm currently project leader on the Tilea Fanbook for WFRP http://www.liberfanatica.net/Forums.html Progress is good so far, we're approaching a first half draft and have plenty that should please some of the Grognards and new fans alike.

Some groundwork is also underway for my next campaign at the local club, I'll be running either DH with an initial Dune like setup or a more freeform WFRP game set in Tilea, the game probably wont be starting until after I come back from a holiday in Japan at the end of July though, but keep an eye out here, just incase ;)

Introducing new players to 40k

A very brief summary of the 40k universe for those unfamiliar with the setting. No long winded discussion on alien types, no details of the finer workings of the emperors left nostril. Just the basics to give them an idea of what characters work and how they work mentally. Basically everything bar the Emperor = Bad

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Introduction to a campaign

The last campaign I ran was set in Wurtbadt, probably heading North to Sylvania eventually. I used the excellent Liber Fanatica resource http://www.liberfanatica.net/ for the city map and a couple of NPC's, I'm looking forward to the release of the next edition which should include a fairly large chunk about the city itself... 

Inquistor Sulla

Background for the Inquistor named in my CE of Dark Heresy

Necron Warriors and Scarabs for DH

Updated 26/2/08 [Reduced fear from 2 to 1 more into line with table top, while disturbing they are not as terrifying as an outright demon


Welcome to the first post... this is where I write a few words about what I want out of this blog and bore you all... those more interested in NPCs and settings can feel free to skip this part and go straight to the LJ cut for the first batch of madness...

So what is this place? This is where I'm intending to write down characters and plots with a few settings for WFRP and WH40kRP (Dark Heresy in other words). Initially I'll be posting characters and ideas from my current game before I move on and focus on other ideas and areas.

I dont have much RPG experience, been playing RPG's for only a year now, but I like to think I've learnt a few things off both my group and the excellent folk at Black Industries forums.

The most important rule to me is simple, have fun and if its not in the rules... it doesnt matter, as long as you and the people you play with are happy with it!