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Introduction to a campaign

The last campaign I ran was set in Wurtbadt, probably heading North to Sylvania eventually. I used the excellent Liber Fanatica resource http://www.liberfanatica.net/ for the city map and a couple of NPC's, I'm looking forward to the release of the next edition which should include a fairly large chunk about the city itself... 

The players started off in debt and having to repay a local crime boss, Dervitto, by looking for a sensitive item recently stolen, on the way they encounter his second in command, Heinrich Hugel who insists they show him whatever it was that was stolen as Dervitto is very secretive about it.

I'd like to introduce a couple of the characters themselves...

Mob Boss Toumas Dervitto - Crime Lord (Ex-Politician, Ex-Peasant)


A shady character from the south, it is rumoured Dervitto was born in Wissenland some time around 2480 before being hoisted out for some unnameable offence. What is known is that he spent a considerable time in the Border Princes, perhaps as long as 15 years before teaming up with a freelance mercenary named Heinrich and heading North again after the unfortunate disappearance of nearly 5000 crowns from the Freetown of Mattock Cross.

Travelling through the Empire Dervitto left a small wake of destruction, frequently moving into small towns and slowly but surely taking over control of thieving and smuggling operations in the town before blowing all of his hard earned cash in an orgy of expensive food, wine and women... and other more unusual items.

After one attempted takeover to many, which many in Nuln still talk about, Dervitto ended up on the bottom rung of the ladder in Wurtbad in 2506 and bided his time, building up his contacts in the city until his successful rise to prominence as the controller of the Griefweg district, controlling nearly all of the whore houses and seedy bars in the city. His current base is in The Lamb and Flag near the
square of Count Martin

What's not known to even his closest friend Heinrich is that he is actually a devout follower of Gundred, he really has no interest in money, what matters to him is the respect and outright fear of the common man and a lifetime spent looking for ways to cause it has led him further and further down the wrong paths

Heinrich Hugel - Veteran (Ex-Sergeant, Ex-Mercenary)


Heinrich is a dour looking man with more than his share of scars and war stories. Professional and deadly, Heinrich is viewed with a lot of respect and a good pinch of fear by the rest of Wurtbad's criminals.

Born in
in 2495, to a poor couple with another 5 siblings to look after Heinrich grew up fast, working in dozens of menial jobs from the age of ten. He was always enthralled by the war stories of the veterans he listened to as he served the drinks and thanks to a chance meeting with Captain Franz Schutzel in 2500 he became a runner for the mercenary company Schutzel's Stormchasers. By the time the company took part in a brutal raid into the Drakwald, led on by Boris Todbringer, Heinrich was a competent swordsman and quickly earned his place in the regiment.

Unfortunately the raid was a disaster, the company was nearly destroyed and Schutzel himself food for the beastmen. Along with half a dozen others Heinrich left the regiment to take his skills elsewhere, travelling to the very far south where good fighters are always needed.

Its here he was first employed by Dervitto as a bodyguard and they became friends, when Dervitto headed North again Heinrich went along with him. Serving as the brawn to Dervittos low cunning.

Favours and Fortune – A WFRP Campaign


Wurtbad is the capital city of Stirland, the largest and poorest of the provinces of the Empire. At the moment its population is around 8000, with perhaps another 2000 or so refugees living
outside its walls. Despite Stirlands reputation as a backwards province, the city is quite modern, having an abundance of whitewashed walls, public buildings and temples. This is in part due to the city being the hub of the province and being attractive to the newly emerging middle classes, but also thanks to its exports, making it an important centre of trade and tourist activity. It is ruled by Count Haupt-Anderson, who has succeeded his father at the tender age of 16 - rumour has it that the current Lector of Sigmar appointed to Stirland uses the boy as a way to increase his own earthly powers…
Thanks to an old law passed several hundred years ago, all the wine in Stirland is exported
through the city - given the size and fertility of the country, this goes a long way to explaining its income. The city also attracts pilgrims marching along the Forest Road heading towards the old Dwarf Road to Blackfire Pass, where Sigmar himself first united the tribes of men who would later form the Empire. Pilgrims also come to use the hot springs around the town, blessed by the local spirit of Llyr, son of the sea god Manaan who is said to protect the River Stir. The city itself is divided in two, the old town and the new town. The new town is the residence of the lower classes and dispossessed, the old town contains the majority of the temples and public builds as well as the nobles.

It has been a long day at work for you; you’re stiff and downright tired, but looking forward to the Festag tomorrow when you’ll be able to relax a little. With the refugees from the war in the North clogging the street, Pilgrimage season has been very hectic this year and now it’s over, things should quieten down a little. You’re about to open your room door when you sense something behind you…turning around, you’re just in time to see a cosh coming towards your face. When you awake you find it hard to tell – its pitch black in the room and very quiet, your head is splitting but you don’t think there is any permanent damage done. Venturing a cautious “Hello?” results in a pair of shuttered lanterns being thrown open revealing a large and brutish man sitting behind a desk, flunkeys standing behind him, arms folded. It also reveals several figures in a similar predicament to yourself, tied to a chair with some ugly bruises on their foreheads. After a few minutes’ awkward silence, another figure walks in to the room - he is a tall and lean man with a scarred face and a well used sword. “Good Morning gentlemen!” he booms in a thick Altdorf accent. “I’m sure you all know who you’re looking at behind that desk, but just in case, may I introduce Toumas Dervitto. He’s the man you all owe money to, or a debt of another kind.”
He gestures towards a figure on your left - “how was the sheep my friend? Or you on the far end, you’ve been almost living in Madame Lil’s this last month and what do we have to show for it? Nothing!” “Normally you’d all be dead by now but we have a slight problem that, unfortunately, we need your help with.” Grimacing, he takes off his hat and lays it on the bosses table. “Two days ago, someone broke into one of Dervitto’s properties in the Griefweg and stole something from him. Unfortunately our people can’t operate outside our territory without too many questions cropping up, so we are going for a different approach…we are sending you lot to find it. I can’t give you much information on what it is you are after either - the boss here is quite wary of revealing his property to the likes of you. All you need to know is that it was very personal and dear to him. Its a small black stone box about a single foot across and wide, and that the people organising this are clearly professionals - they knocked out the guards and were gone inside 5 minutes. We are giving you a little over 24 hours to find out what you can, if you come back with nothing… well, in that case, just don’t be foolish enough to still be in town.” With that he gives a nod towards the flunkeys, who march up to the chairs and discretely and effectively punch you in the face, once again making the world go black. You wake up in a garbage heap with the various figures from inside the room lying around you in various states of semi-consciousness. A note has been left in your hand…



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